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Sep 2014
Sep 2014


Man if you guys freaked out with almost a thousand notes for just Re-Tail how about Re-Tail with The Roost Cafe. The Roost is almost completed at this point. For the run down of what it still needs:
-internal light installed and wired
-carriage lamp wired in
-decals printed for marquis sign
-marquis sign lit and wired back into the building
-awning needs some white paint

After I make the decals for the sign and chalkboard the basic version of Re-tail will be ready for production. The demo unit still needs paper put in the windows and door as well.

Besides the aforementioned items advance set for Retail still needs:
-light above sign and wiring
-internal light and wiring
-recycle flag

I guess Cyrus is still napping….

Sep 2014


my lady :)

Sep 2014


A handy guide to the terminology of the animal crossing fandom. Very useful for people who are new to the fandom. (even if you don’t need this, reblog so your followers can!)

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Sep 2014


For angiestown ! 

I worked really hard but had a lot of fun with this one~ Hope you like it!

Original screenshot: [ x ]

Sep 2014


I just realized I posted this photo on my instagram but never posted it on here! My mom’s birthday was in March, so I saved back and bought her a 3DSXL and Animal Crossing: New Leaf for her birthday.

I would like to talk about my mother and why I chose this gift for her. My mother has a facet joint disorder so she is in constant pain with her back. She’s been dealing with it for over two years now. She had to quit her job (she loved being a nurse) and almost every activity that gave her joy (she loved to line dance, walk in the woods, go fishing, etc). She went from having all of these things she loved doing to basically most days being bound to sitting/laying on the couch all day. She has a laptop and she would play games on Facebook to pass time. Her favorite game was closed (it was a game where you have a “pet” and can play with it and dress it up) and she was so upset that now she didn’t have this game to keep her company throughout the day. She tried several other similar games, but just couldn’t seem to get into any of them. I started thinking about how much she would love New Leaf if I could only get her to try it. She has never been big on console games. She used to play puzzle games and game show games with me growing up (like Jeopardy, Scrabble, etc) but that was about the extent of it. I knew she would love having her own town and all of the cutie villagers she could get. Not only that, but the days when her back is so bad that she has to lay down all day, she would still have something to do to help with boredom. I knew she would probably never buy it for herself, so I started saving back from my paychecks to buy her a 3DS and the game (and some other goodies like an extra stylus set, screen protectors, and a skin for the front), knowing that if I got it for her she would at least give it a try. 

I didn’t get to give her the gift until April, and I knew she wouldn’t understand the packaging yet but I had to (like so many before) give it to her wrapped as a balloon present. She was sort of weary about trying to learn something so new to her, but I showed her how to turn on the console and get started and all of the basics. I also had given it to her when I was going to be there for about 3 days so if she had any questions I could help. I am glad to say she has absolutely fallen in love with the game and plays it probably more often than I do now. She’s now started putting paths down around her town and she’s flying through PWPs with ease! She even talked about the game so much she that she ended up getting my aunt (her sister-in-law) into the game and my aunt just went last week and bought her own 3DS and ACNL.

I know some people will never understand why we like this simple little game, but for some of us (my mother now included) it is such an immense form of stress relief and joy. I am glad my mother has a positive outlet and something to do when her joint problem gets the better of her. I can never thank Nintendo enough for this game franchise for all that it’s gotten me through, and will continue to get me through.

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Sep 2014


I like how Diana just matches with the room ☁️

Sep 2014