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I’ve seen a few people who are kinda worried that other people will ruin their town when they come visit, and let’s face it, so am I! So reblog if you respect other people’s towns and their rules!

ill never touch anyone elses town my pretties u.u

The lack of notes on this is scary

I reblog this everytime I see it on my feed. This is soooo important. I’m always scared when I let people into my town.

September 01 + 6028


dream address: 5000-4508-4599

points of interest - 
  • brewster’s cafe
  • lighthouse
  • windmill
  • garden
  • mayor’s house
  • orchard
    and more!
Be sure to check out the goodies under the town tree & enjoy your time in Moonvale. (▰˘◡˘▰)
September 01 + 880


Made these dresses yesterday! Enjoy! ^__^

August 31 + 1047


Molly! <3

(I might go missing for a little while, guys. Pickin’ up Bravely Default tonight. I’m so excited for it! ^_^)

i miss Molly :c

August 31 + 863


You’ll have to purchase 3DS menu themes ⊟

Maybe you assumed this, but I just ran across this bit in yesterday’s 3DS news press release: “Themes will be available for purchase from a Theme Shop that will be added to the Home menu.”

So it’s a separate shop with a separate icon? Weird. But the whole thing actually seems smart, I must grudgingly admit. It’s kind of a lot of work to make custom icons and music for each theme, so it wouldn’t make sense to make it free; and impulse-buy things like this will probably be a tempting use of leftover eShop funds.

Interestingly, for each of the custom faceplates Nintendo showed for the standard-sized 3DS yesterday, there seemed to be a matching Home menu theme. I wonder if the faceplates come with themes?

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August 30 + 805


things we NEED in the next animal crossing game:

  • more storage space
  • more pattern space
  • a choice where villagers put their houses
  • being able to talk to other players via the mic
  • allowing more than 3 people into your town at one time
  • being able to choose different skin colours 
  • different body types would be cool too
August 30 + 10239
Hi, how can I make villagers to move out? Is there a trick or something like that? I have a lot of unwanted ones... Thanks in advance and have a nice day! :)


Hi! Sorry for getting back to you so late, hope you still see this. What I do is I wait until someone has pinged to move out (check every day by talking to your villagers to see if anyone is moving out, if no one is moving out your villagers should say these things: click) and if it’s a villager who I want to leave, I will restart the game w/o saving (so they can’t change their mind) and wait until the day they leave or time travel to that day. If it’s a villager who I DON’T want out, I convince them to stay and then save and time travel a month ahead, save the game then and then restart and time travel back to the original date, and there should be a new villager ready to move out. If it’s the one I want to move, I go ahead and move them out. If I want them to stay and want another one out, I will repeat and so on and so forth.

Hope that makes sense! Let me know if I can clarify further.

August 29 + 9